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What people just like you are saying about Hope for Spouses and the Isolation to Intimacy program

Hope for Spouses and Kim Pullen have been a godsend in my life! Kim is as a survivor, hope-giver, encourager, and mentor with the wisdom and experience to apply the Word of God to recovery.

There aren't enough words to testify how beneficial the Hope for Spouses Colossians series, group calls, emails, Facebook group, and video posts have been to my well-being throughout my recovery from my spouse’s betrayal and our separation. God is using this ministry mightily to help the multitude of women affected by the horror of pornography and infidelity.


Atlanta, GA

When I first found Hope for Spouses, my husband had just abandoned me to pursue another affair, and I didn’t know where to turn. I was devastated! I couldn’t eat, sleep, or think about anything except how this had happened to me…again.

Then I started Kim’s Isolation to Intimacy program and for the first time, started to see myself clearly. Loaded with scriptures, the program helped me see how I needed to change, how much God loves me, and how I no longer need to fear the future.

Jane Munson

Eriel, NJ

Suffering and limping through a separation from my husband, I had little knowledge of what to do. I just wanted the pain to stop. At exactly the right time, God used Kim Pullen and Hope for Spouses to help me place God first in my life and lean into the pain. I found overwhelming peace in Him, and the shifting of circumstances could not shake me.

I am blessed to have Kim leading and walking with me through my recovery!


Texarkana, TX

The Isolation to Intimacy program has drastically changed my marriage because it forced me to look in the mirror. Without God being #1 in my life, I would continue to spiral downward and my fears would consume me.

I have learned to set and maintain healthy boundaries, and the online community gives me a safe place to share my thoughts, struggles, and fears. I have also learned how to go to God to meet many spiritual and emotional needs my spouse was not created to meet for me.


Ontario, Canada

There is so much wisdom and knowledge to absorb in this program. God used it to help me uncover and safely surrender my pain to him so I could experience freedom and healing. I feel confident knowing I now have a better idea of what God wants for me and where I am headed. I no longer feel like I’m walking in the dark.

Jenn S.

Orlando, FL

As a wife who discovered her husband’s sexual sin 35 years into my marriage, I highly recommend this program. Kim has developed an insightful and powerful resource for anyone who has experienced the effects of betrayal trauma from a spouse’s unfaithfulness, whether through an affair, prostitution, or pornography and masturbation.

Patty S.

Winter Springs, FL

I didn’t know such a resource existed that gathers all this information in one place. The most valuable part of this program for me is how Kim uses the Bible to support the entire recovery journey. I felt understood, not only by God, but by Kim. It was like taking my journey with God on one side and a friend on the other.

Leti M.

Davenport, FL

The Hope for Spouses recovery program is factual and woven together with the Word of God. It gave me the “gift of perspective” by allowing me to view things through a lens other than my emotions.

My coaching calls with Kim were always helpful as she has godly wisdom acquired through the pain of her circumstances. Kim’s testimony reminds me that it is possible to emerge victorious.


Oviedo, FL

Thank you, Kim, for sharing your pain and for the latest YouTube video on safety. It was a great template for me as I spoke to my husband on what I needed in order to feel safe. He was humble and at the end, said he is willing to do whatever it takes. What a hard journey this is, but I know my pain will comfort others as I have found my comfort in God.


Ontario, Canada

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Be heard, get clarity, seize your own healing

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Disclaimer: All Hope for Spouses content and resources are created for broken marriages, not a dangerous one. If you suspect abuse of any kind in your marriage, call 800.799.7233 or go to https://www.thehotline.org/