Hope & Healing for Spouses

in the wake of adultery or sexual addiction

Kim Pullen

Founder, Hope for Spouses

Kim has written one of the clearest explanations of codependency that I’ve seen.

Dr. Jessica McCleese

Author and licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist & educator, BeFullyWell.com

Few things are as traumatic as discovering your spouse has committed adultery or is addicted to pornography.

It’s like a death.

Your dreams and reality are forever altered. The terrible isolation that follows is indescribable.

It feels like even God has abandoned you.

But even in the darkness where your ceaseless thoughts plague you, when the pain seems unbearable,


there is hope.

And there is a path to healing.

I know.


I walked it.

Kim has incredible insight and wisdom into the topic of healing from betrayal. Lyschel Burket

Recovery Life Coach, Hope Redefined, Knoxville, TN

How Codependency Makes Idolaters of Us All

Codependency or idolatry can only be overcome when we are willing to face the fact that we have put something other than God on the throne of our lives.

Rescued When We Were At Our Worst

In a world addicted to the hero worship of other sinful people, we as Christians must set our sights on the only heroes worthy of our worship—God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Thankful in the Midst of Painful Recovery

If we keep our eyes fixed on God, Jesus, and “things above”, we can find joy and thankfulness even in the worst of our pain and struggle in recovery.

Patiently Enduring You and Your Spouse’s Recovery

Seeking strength from God’s infinite power and faithfulness rather than looking to ourselves to be strong is the only way we can patiently endure the trials of this life.

Knowing God Intimately

We grow in our knowledge of God not just by studying the Bible, but by engaging and connecting with God with our most vulnerable self.

Bearing Fruit Because We’re Already Loved

Paul challenges the Colossians, and by extension us, to “bear fruit” not because we need to prove our worth to God, but because He already made us worthy with the Cross.

Where Do We Get Our Worth From?

When we seek our self-worth from other people, we are often replicating a pattern from our childhood. God calls us to please him and seek our worth from him so we can be healed and whole.

Filled to the Brim with Spiritual Wisdom

When we choose to consistently drink deeply from God’s Word, we can use the Spirit’s ESP (Extra Spiritual Perception) to accurately discern what God’s will is for our life and marriage.

Remembering Our Spiritual Parents

Recalling those who shared the truth with us as well as those we’ve shared the gospel with empowers us to recall God’s love, faithfulness, and comfort even in our most painful moments.

Gospel of Hope: A Codependent in Colossians

Join us on a journey through Colossians as it speaks directly to the heart of codependents and the specific character challenges of those who recognize their codependency, or as the Bible calls it, idolatry.

Kim uses the Bible to support the entire recovery journey. Leti Morales

Orlando, FL


How to Respond When Your Christian Spouse is Unfaithful or Addicted to Porn

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God Saves Marriages

Kim Pullen’s shares her and her husband’s victorous story over co-dependency and sexual sin.

We don’t need to know what the future holds because we know who holds the future.