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Topics to help you move toward healing

Diary of an Edge-a-phobic

God uses relationships, finances, and our health to challenge our fears and draw us to the edge of our faith where the blessings await us.

What Is An Idol of the Heart?

We may not think of ourselves as idol worshipers, but when we allow other things to take God’s rightful place, we set up idols in our heart.

Putting Your Faith Where Your Mouth Is in Recovery

Having faith in God in the midst of the storm of a spouse’s sexual betrayal and recovery requires more than belief in Jesus. It requires action.

Recognizing Repentance in a Sexually-Addicted Spouse

To recognize real repentance and its subsequent transforming process, we need to use the Bible as a standard and the scriptural definition of godly sorrow.

How Long Does It Take a Couple to Recover from Sexual Betrayal?

Sexually betrayed spouses can find peace, hope, security, and direction when they identify where they are in the big picture of the recovery process and make steady, upward progress.

6 Reasons to Love Your Unrepentant Spouse

God and his Son defined and exemplified a compassionate, boundary-rich love for us, the same love a sexual addict’s spouse is compelled and empowered to have even for an unrepentant partner.


A fairy tale about divine worthiness and being “enough” because the Father made us worthy by the Son.

5 Steps to Get Out of the Way of Your Spouse’s Addiction Recovery

When our spouse is addicted to sexual sin, the most loving thing we can do for them and ourselves is to shut up, get out of the way, focus on our own healing, and let God work.

Why Suffering is a Fast-Pass to Deeper Intimacy with Jesus

Only when we reach the bottom of our pain threshold and share in Jesus’ suffering can we find, enjoy, and thrive in Christ as the fathomless treasure of wisdom, knowledge, and peace.

A Perfection Worth Pursuing

When we understand the biblical definition of perfection is “mature in character”, we can stop pretending we have it all together and be vulnerable, allowing God to transform us into the image of Christ.

The Pain and Purpose of Infidelity Disclosure: Why Truth Really Does Set Us Free

While disclosure of sin in marriage can initially trigger enormous pain and shame, its power lies in freeing the truth so repentance, healing, unity, and growth can result.

Healing Separately Let Us Re-Build Together

Only when a man and woman are complete in God—emotionally, spiritually, and physically—can each complement the other and build a healthy, intimate marriage that weathers the inevitable storms of life.

No One Ever Told Me My Christian Husband Could Be Unfaithful

The shattered dreams of infidelity in my Christian marriage created an opportunity for God to prove his faithfulness and for me to continue to be transformed.

Chains: An Alternative Look at the Passion of Christ

There was one dark witness at the cross the Bible doesn't talk about.  The crowd was chanting and screaming, clawing at the early morning air. Their sandaled feet stamped the dusty street like cattle preparing for a mindless stampede. Earthy brown tunics flapped the...

3 Ways Recycling Pain Helps You Heal from Sexual Sin in Marriage

Recycling our pain to help others traumatized by sexual sin enables us see our own situation with fresh eyes, grants us a new perspective on recovery, and propels us forward on your journey toward healing.

God Saves Marriages

Be inspired by a victorious story over co-dependency and infidelity.

Kim has one of the clearest, most beautiful explanations of codependency I’ve seen. Dr. Jessica McCleese

Author, licensed psychologist, certified sex therapist, and educator, BeFullyWell.com

This is a community where anyone devastated by betrayal can gain strength, security, and friendship. It’s a place where you can be real and authentic without being judged. RW

Marietta, GA

Kim uses the Bible to support the entire recovery journey. Leti Morales

Kissimmee, FL

Kim has incredible insight and wisdom into the topic of healing from betrayal. Lyschel Burket

Recovery Life Coach, Hope Redefined, Knoxville, TN


How to Respond When Your Christian Spouse is Unfaithful or Addicted to Porn

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