Biblical Basics for Betrayal Recovery


Hope for Spouses and our recovery guidelines are founded on Biblical principles. No matter how wise or learned, no human being can “fix” either the betrayed or the betraying spouse. Rather, it is by the transforming of our heart and mind (Romans 12:2) through biblical-based convictions and an intimate relationship with God that we are empowered to set boundaries, change, and find long term healing.

However, most people who consider themselves Christians–even those who were raised in a God-fearing home and attend church regularly–are biblically illiterate and were never taught how to study their Bibles for personal character transformation (to become more like Jesus) much less how to utilize the scriptures to find healing in the wake of betrayal.

Because this foundation is imperative not just for recovery but also for personal spiritual growth, I want to encourage all betrayed partners to enroll in the “How to Read the Bible” course created by Jon Sherwood. This is a free, easily accessible 4-class course (150 minutes), and is foundational to using the scriptures to become more like Jesus.