Hope for Spouses

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What others are saying about Kim Pullen, Isolation to Intimacy, and Hope for Spouses.

Kim has incredible insight and wisdom into the topic of healing from betrayal. Her program is spot-on for taking the participant to the next level of their growth. With commitment, intention, and investment in your healing through this program, your heart and relationship with the Lord can’t help but be changed.

Lyschel Burket

Recovery Life Coach, Hope Redefined, Knoxville, TN

There is so much wisdom and knowledge to absorb in this program. God used it to help me uncover and safely surrender my pain to him so I could experience freedom and healing. I feel confident knowing I now have a better idea of what God wants for me and where I am headed. I no longer feel like I’m walking in the dark.

Jenn S.

Orlando, FL

I didn’t know such a resource existed that gathers all this information in one place. The most valuable part of this program for me is the how Kim uses the Bible to support the entire recovery journey. I felt understood, not only by God, but by Kim. It was like taking my journey with God on one side and a friend on the other.

Leti M.

Orlando, FL

As a wife who discovered her husband’s sexual sin 35 years into my marriage, I highly recommend this program. Kim has developed an insightful and powerful resource for anyone who has experienced the effects of betrayal trauma from a spouse’s unfaithfulness, whether through an affair, prostitution, or pornography and masturbation.

Patty S.

Winter Springs, FL

God Saves Marriages

Be inspired by Kim and her husband’s victorious story over co-dependency and sexual sin.