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A 2014 Barna study concluded that 66% of married Christian men (and 11% of married Christian women) watch porn on a consistent basis and 35% have committed adultery. These numbers are staggering…and they are in your church.

Can you recognize the signs of unfaithfulness and do you know how to support not just the person caught in sexual sin but their betrayed partner and children as well?

Recovery is much more complicated than you can imagine. If you have not successfully navigated sexual addiction or betrayal recovery yourself and/or been thoroughly educated in this phenomenon that is a cancer in the modern day church, you will more than likely cause more harm by trying to help a couple in the throes of such trauma.

Please, please, please educate yourself. Here are some resources where you can start.


Kim Pullen’s 90-minute lesson from the 2020 STRONGER Conference

Betrayal & Grace: How Leaders & Laymen Can Support the Victims of Sexual Sin

Free, Subtitles in 9 languages

Highly Recommended for all church leaders and Christian Counselors

Leslie Vernick’s 3-hour Online Course

Abuse, Trauma, and the Emotionally Destructive Marriage

$69 from AACC and Light University

42-minute lesson from from the Hope for Spouses Video Library

The Real Reason Betrayed Wives Come Across Like Raging Lunatics…and How to Respond

Listen to the Podcast

Video - Your Brain on Porn
Porn-Free Church
Minister's Guide
Final Freedom

Divorce & Remarriage Podcast Series

Dr. Douglas Jacoby’s 5-part podcast series on divorce and remarriage.

What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? All together, the 5 talks total a little less than 2 hours.

Learn more about Douglas Jacoby and his global ministry

Identifying Destructive Relationships

Secure in Heart
Healing from His Addictions
Love is a Choice

Understanding Sexual Addiction

Addiction and Grace
Out of the Shadows
Healing the Wounds of SA
False Intimacy

Understanding Betrayal Recovery

Healing from His Addictions
Healing from His Addictions
Healing from His Addictions

Female Value & Identity in Christ

Healing from His Addictions
Secure in Heart
Secure in Heart

Understanding the Impact of Trauma

The Body Keeps the Score
Life's Healing Choices
Grace Calls
The Body Keeps the Score

Understanding Boundaries

Out of the Shadows
Out of the Shadows
Addiction and Grace

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