Hope: Paying It Forward

Hi, I’m Kim Pullen, founder of the Hope for Spouses online ministry.

I created the Hope for Spouses website, Facebook page and private groupYouTube channel, and H4S podcast because I believe “to whom much is given, much is expected” (Luke 12:48).

I also believe the healthiest response to recovering from our spouse’s sexual betrayal is recycling our pain so the millions of others coming behind us on their personal journey can find hope and healing too.

Pay It Forward

You probably found Hope for Spouses via a Facebook Ad, online article, Lunchtime Live video, or podcast all of which required someone else’s time, effort, and money.

I’d like to invite you to continue your healing journey by helping those who don’t even have what you have–a safe, online community and access to resources that meet us right where we are in the wake of our spouse’s betrayal.

I’m looking for others who would be willing to give back to our community so we can do several things:

  1. Keep our private Facebook group growing and thriving, welcoming new members who don’t know where to start their healing journey.
  2. Maintain our Hope for Spouses website and continue adding new resources and articles.
  3. Continue producing and publishing our weekly Lunchtime Lives on Facebook, YouTube, and Castbox.
  4. Support the free breakthrough call service offered on all our our media outlets.

Spread the Hope

If you’ve reaped the benefit from any of the Hope for Spouses resources, please consider become a monthly or one-time donor so I can continue to keep this ministry alive, active, and spreading a message of hope.

You won’t just be helping yourself, you’ll be helping friends, family, and other hurting souls just like you to find a place of rest amidst the raging storm of their life.

You can read what others say about my integrity here.

Thank you for your generosity.

Intimately yours,

P.S. Hope for Spouses is a subsidiary of Pullen Out the Stops.