A Tale on Self-Worth

by Kim Pullen | May 10, 2018


Once upon a time there was a princess.

She lived in a grand home with every material possession a child could desire. She had beautiful clothes to adorn her and food to whet her every appetite. With her father and mother, the king and queen, she traveled to the country, traveled across the sea, and visited faraway places.

In spite of all the plenty, the child starved. Not of food, shelter, or protection. Not of toys and trinkets. Not even of attention. No, this child was starved of love.

On her twelfth birthday, when it was her people’s custom to crown all princesses with their Diadem of Approval—a simple crown of gold presented by the king and queen—the princess was overlooked. Her father was busy in foreign lands fighting in the name of the Creator. Her mother was preoccupied ensuring the people honored the Creator’s Son. And the priests were distracted with the needs of their congregations.

That night, standing before her gilded bedroom mirror, she stared at her beautiful face, seeing the word “unworthy” inscribed on her uncrowned forehead. She whispered a prayer to the Creator, a prayer of forgiveness and a supplication that someday she might be worthy…

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