All times are in Eastern/New York time zone

Tips for getting the most out of each session

1. Please use ear buds with a mic attached to minimize background noise. Keep your microphone on mute unless you are speaking.

2. When you first join, please use the TEXT BOX to sign in and introduce yourself to the rest of the ladies in the group especially if it’s the first time you are joining us.

3. IMPORTANT!! – To insure the wisest use our of our time, please submit your celebrations (victories) and/or questions no later than 5pm EST on Sunday using this form. I will answer questions in the order they were received and will try to get to everyone’s. If there is still time, I will try to take last minute questions up until we conclude at 9pm EST.

4. Please try to arrive a few minutes early so we can start on time.


How to Access the Bi-monthly Q&A Sessions


Click here for meeting link.

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You do not have to be viewable.


Call 605.472.5406
(in US only)
Access code: 560903

Click here for international dial-in numbers

Online meeting ID: hopeforspouses

Watch a video of how to join the meeting and navigate the app.