iSeeU Course Intro (Mod 0.1)

Review course modules, goals, program format, supplementary materials, online community, and monthly Zoom calls.

Cost of Recovery (Mod 0.2)

Betrayal recovery is not a journey we should undertake lightly. It’s important we understand what it will cost before we embark on it.

The Feeling Filter (Mod 1.3)

Using the scriptures as a filter for our chaotic and erratic feelings protects us from letting emotions dictate our words and actions after betrayal.

The Spiral of Grief (Mod 2.2)

God allows pain and grief to mold us more into the likeness of Jesus, but it only works if we embrace them so the cleansing and healing can begin.

Boundaries Defined (Mod 3.2)

Boundaries happen when we reach our pain threshold and chose to take back the shattered remnants of our life.