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Thriving in a 30-year marriage that was once traumatized by adultery and
a four-year separation, Kim Pullen shares hope and healing with spouses who
feel isolated due to sexual sin in their relationship, but don’t know
how or where to begin their journey.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This 5-Day Video Course

Learn to set your mind on moving forward in your healing using the Scriptures as your standard

Day 1The Cost of Recovery

Betrayal recovery is not a journey we should undertake lightly. Understand what it will cost before you embark on it.

Day 2The Feeling Filter

Filtering erratic feelings with Scripture
is foundational and keeps emotions from dictating words and actions after

Day 3The Spiral of Grief

Pain and grief mold us into the likeness of Jesus,
but only if we embrace them so the cleansing and healing can

Day 4Defining Boundaries

Boundaries happen when we reach our pain threshold and chose to take back the shattered remnants of our life.

Day 5Exit the Insanity Loop

Stop doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Learn how to exit the insanity loop to find real healing.

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Healing comes from the inside out

Kim Pullen

After a four-year separation and reconciliation with her unfaithful husband, Kim founded Hope for Spouses, a ministry dedicated to helping betrayed partners in the wake of adultery or sexual addiction. Hope for Spouses is an online
resource offering an extensive video and audio
library, blog, private Facebook groups, recommended resources, and
biblically-based guidance through online courses, coaching, and a safe community.

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