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Why We Need to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable After Betrayal

Hosted by Kim Pullen

What is the difference between being comforted in the wake of our spouse’s sexual betrayal and pursuing comfort in our recovery?

It doesn’t seem fair that we as Christian spouses have to bear the pain and humiliation of our spouse’s sexual betrayal! We’ve been wounded and everything in us seeks to be comforted in our pain. And God does comfort us. The danger comes when we forget that when we chose to follow Jesus we gave up living for the comforts of this world.

In this episode of the Hope for Spouses’ Lunchtime Live, Kim Pullen talks about the difference between being comforted and being comfortable. She also challenges followers of Jesus to remember the call of discipleship to deny ourselves and embrace the challenges of living in a sinful world. Finally, Kim shares practical examples of just what areas in our recovery we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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