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Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal: The Essential Tools for Healing


Dr. Kevin Skinner, LMFT,CSAT-S

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Target Audience

Women and men who are suffering from sexual betrayal trauma

Notable aspects of the book

Using Assessment to Guide Treatment,credible references,offers additional support resources

Author’s writing style

Formal, sharing from own experience and experience of clients in his practice.

Qualifications of Author

His experience, education, training, credibility and purpose and passion to help struggling women and men who desperately seek healing and growth in life.

What does the book promise & does it deliver?

Educating people about betrayal trauma, tools for healing trauma

New insights the author presents

Spouses response to their spouse’s pornography and sexual betrayals are the same as the symptoms of PTSD. No wonder those spouses painful experiences are hard to understand and usually misunderstood.

Did anything surprise you?

I experienced an intense fear and other mix difficult emotions that I could not even name. When I read about betrayal trauma, it makes sense to me. For the first time, the pain was named, and I am curious to know more about it. Even pornography use has the same impact. It is still a betrayal no matter how people may think small or big offense but just like any sin. It is still a sin and it hurts and it destroys.

What did you like best and why?

I like that the author is passionate about sexual betrayal because he understood, experienced it, and studied it. It started when sexual betrayal was the reason for how his family was broken. I like that his work is a product of research and collaboration with other therapists sharing new discoveries. I like that it provides tools to walk you through your healing journey.

What is your favorite quote from the book?

Page 25 when the author quoted Dr. Gottman and Sue Johnson on the research findings about the effects of pornography and how it can hurt the relationship.

What would a reader gain from the book?

Understanding of betrayal trauma and discovering tools for healing.

Why would you recommend it?

Yes as it provides knowledge and understanding. It is also inspirational giving hope that we can heal from betrayal trauma.

Other comments

Reading this book led me to Kevin Skinner’s website He offers free courses to help women heal and I recently found out he has a new website to help men offering free courses. This book is a gift for healing. The research and clinical examples in the book provides clear evidence that sexual betrayal triggers post traumatic stress responses.this book gives a lot of hope…so empowering, knowing that you are not alone in the journey to healing and restoration.

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