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Your free Hope Resource Guide is only a foretaste of all the helpful articles, recommended reading, and news about special events for spouses of adulterers or those addicted to pornography including the honest and informative webinar 5 Steps to Surviving Your Spouse’s Adultery or Addiction to Pornography.

You’ll also get priority access to join the VIP team of our new video-online course, Isolation to Intimacy: Mapping a Godly Path in the Wake of Your Spouse’s Adultery or Addiction to Pornography coming in November.

And you’ll receive a personal invitation to the confidential and exclusive I-2-I (eye-to-eye) Forum, your online haven where you can connect with other spouses who understand your fears, challenges, and dilemmas.

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Isolation to Intimacy

Isolation to Intimacy Video Online Course

Coming in November! Learn how to get out of denial and isolation and move toward intimacy with God, safe others, and your spouse.

5 Steps to Surviving Your Spouse's Adultery or Addiction to Pornography

Learn more about this upcoming live webinar where Kim Pullen shares how you can not only survive but thrive after the trauma of sexual sin.

I2I Forum

Coming in October! Afraid to admit to anyone (maybe even yourself) your spouse is unfaithful or addicted to porn? Unlike Facebook, our forum is private and confidential, a safe haven to connect with others.

God Saves Marriages

Watch as Kim Pullen’s shares she and her husband’s victorous story over co-dependency and sexual sin.