Between the flash of lightning and the boom of thunder,

Between the thrush’s call and the breach of dawn,

Between the wave’s crest and the tip into the trough,

Lord, help me cease striving.


Between the inhale’s apex and the exhale’s liberty,

Between the surge of labor’s birth and the infant’s first cry,

Between the warm agreement of eyes and the touch of lips,

Lord, help me be still.


Between the leap from the ledge and the plunge in the depths,

Between the opening note and the song’s resolve,

Between duplicity’s disclosure and reconciliation’s relief,

Lord, help me rest in silence.


Between the fear and the faith,

Between the slip and the shatter,

Between the pain and the peace,

Between covenant’s commencement and its glorious consummation,

Lord, help me remain in trustful submission.


©2023 Kim Pullen